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I'm a little too obsessed with the latest Top Model

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No secret: I totally love Ann Ward. She's beautiful, she's talented, and she reminds of my group of friends in high school. Let's not forget the fact that she's shy. I've been shy for my entire life, and have only just recently started to come out of my shell. I don't think I would have been able to put myself on TV at 19, and even if I was able to, I'd probably have let my shyness hold me back in everything. That means photos, not just things that require personality.

Okay, so I love Ann Ward. We get the picture? Ooh, speaking of pictures, this one of her is my faaaave:

Look at her working her long legs! She's amazing!

The comments about her being too skinny make me want to facepalm, though. :/ Come on, guys. Pay attention, one; and two, if she was anorexic, it would show in her face, her skin, her eyes, her energy on set. That's how eating disorders work. They don't just cause weight change.

Aaaaanyway, I just needed to gush. She's my favorite winner, and probably the only one I'm actually interested in following, haha. Gushing done! :3
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