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Writer's Block: Poetry Break

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Write a poem or share one that you like.

Here's an old one I wrote, called "Winifred's Letters."

To the man that makes my young heart swell,
I hope this letter finds you well.
It pains me to report this lie,
This spawn of gossip flying by,
And though no one trusts you more than I,
I'm told another is in your bed.
Ever yours, Winifred.

To my lover, true and smart,
I hope this letter finds your heart.
For mine is desperate just to hear
That I, alone, you hold so dear,
And though you'd tell me not to fear,
This oh-so-horrid lie has spread!
Ever yours, Winifred

To he who makes my heart so dreary,
I hope this letter finds you weary.
For you have caused me too much grief
Today I met her, the lover thief.
Let us keep our next meet brief
For I must keep a level head.
Ever yours, Winifred.

To the unspeakably dreaful man,
These words will find you best they can.
I lay this letter here, for I,
Must rush to form an alibi.
I say a permanent goodbye,
Proud that this last letter finds you dead.
Ever yours, Winifred.
* * *